Welcome to Nelson Suburbs Football Club

Nelson Suburbs Football Club enters teams in winter football leagues run by Nelson Bays Football and we run our own summer football competition with teams from all over the region. Nelson Suburbs is the only club in Nelson that has a team playing in the Mainland Football Premier League based in Christchurch.


Fun football draw - 25 July 2015

Nelson Suburbs Club Cup Draws/Results

Details of the ground map and results/fixtures can be found here.

Skills Centre - term 3

We'd like to offer a huge thanks to all the participants of this year's skills centres through term 1 and term 2.

~ Girls only skills centres will NOT be run during term 3. This is because many players and coaches are already involved in rep teams and other football/school commitments.
~Boys/mixed skills centres will NOT be run during term 3 for the same reasons as above.

We hope you all understand and look forward to coaching you again next year!! Enjoy the rest of your season.

End of season dates - Juniors/youth

Tentative dates for term 3 - Juniors
Please note that these dates are only tentative and are subject to change.
First Kicks, July 24th - September 5th
Fun football, July 24th - September 5th
Juniors, July 24th - September 5th or September 12th

July Holiday Programme 2015

See full blog for details of the holiday programme this July.

Registrations - 2015 season

Please read the full blog for registration details - our teams are relly chocca now, so it is vital that any players wishing to register please read carefully.

Play football at any level

Nelson Suburbs is about opportunities - opportunities for everyone to play football at any level, whether they be young or old, boys or girls. Nelson Suburbs provides winter football football for the following ages:

  • Juniors/Youth - First Kicks (4-6 yrs old), Fun Football (7-8 yrs old), Juniors (9-12 yrs old) & Youth (13-19 yrs) 
  • Senior Men
  • Senior Women
  • We also provide girls only teams at Junior/Youth level.

Nelson Suburbs is run by a committee of volunteers - within this committee we have sub-committees to run various functions of the club.  We are always on the lookout for people to help - it is the volunteered help that makes us successful - see our Contact page for more details of who makes up our commitee and how to contact them and how to volunteer.