Complaints Procedure

The following is the procedure to follow should there you have any concern about the actions or behaviour of any player or person  involved in the Summer Soccer Programme

  1. Raise the matter in an appropriate way with the organiser of the team with whom you have concerns about the actions of their player.
  2. Seek to get some resolution with the other team manager and player concerned in a way that that is agreeable to both parties.
  3. If you cannot get satisfaction through (1) above or, for whatever reason you cannot address the matter directly to the other team, please approach the Co-ordinator to discuss your concern.
  4. The Co-ordinator will either :
    1. Suggest ways that you can approach the other team /person directly yourself or,
    2. Note your concern and advise they will follow it up and advise you of the outcome of their enquiries or,
    3. Ask you to set out in writing within 3 days of the incident your concern and forward this to them  via email so the matter can be addressed

Any concerns that are reported to the Co-ordinator will be noted by the Co-ordinator in an incident book

  1. Should it be required to enquire into or decide on actions to take in resolving a report of concern the Co-ordinator may  call on at their discretion, assistance from  two members of the Nelson Suburbs Football Club Committee, who have been delegated to assist in this area who together with the Co-ordinator are designated as the Summer Soccer Disciplinary Committee.
  2. Any report of concern made in writing will be replied to in writing by the Co-ordinator, within a week of the report being received
  3. Please note that the Summer Soccer Disciplinary Committee can hand out penalties as they see fit from the following options:
    1. No action required
    2. A written warning to a player
    3. Requiring a player to stand down for a specified number of games as the Committee sees fit
    4. Advising a player that they are not allowed to play in the Summer Soccer for the remainder of the current season
    5. Banning a player from ever taking part in Summer Soccer at any stage in the future
  4. Any decision of the Disciplinary Committee is open to appeal providing that an appeal is lodged in writing in 7 days to the Co-ordinator and a non refundable fee of $50 is paid