Summer Soccer Rules of Play

All the rules of Football apply with the variations as set out below.  Games are not refereed, so it is up to the teams to ensure that all players know the rules and to play the game in an honest manner and play fairly.

  • The goal half circle line is a vertical line from the ground to the sky.  Contact with the ball must be made outside this line.  The only person who may play the ball when the whole ball is within the half circle is the goalie. If a player is standing outside the line but makes contact inside the line they are offside and a free kick is to be awarded to the goalie to be taken anywhere inside the circle. If a player makes contact with the ball outside the circle and their momentum takes them into the circle they are not offside unless they interfere with the goalie. Where the ball is on the half circle line the ball is deemed to be in play and contact may be made by field players provided they are not within the half circle.

  • The goalie is the only player allowed in the goal half circle. If an attacking player enters and interferes with play a free kick is awarded to the goalkeeper. If a defender enters and interferes with play a penalty is awarded to the attacking team at the middle point of the circle. A one step run up is all that is allowed for the person taking the penalty. Teams must agree on whether a penalty applies at the time. If the game progresses beyond this point without a penalty it is deemed that no penalty was applicable.

  • When the ball leaves the field of play:
    Over the side line - it is kicked in where it went out.
    Over the goal line - it is a corner or a goal kick.
    Corner - Where the defending team kicks the ball out over the goal line the kick in is taken from the corner point of the field.
    Goal kick - Where the attacking team kicks the ball out over the goal line the defending team goalkeeper takes a goal kick from anywhere inside the half circle.
    The ball is deemed 'out of play' when the whole ball is over the field boundary line. Please note a goal cannot be scored directly from a side line kick in, a corner, or from a kick off.

  • Substitutions can occur at any time and players must swap on and off at the same point on the field. If substitutions occur for territorial advantage a free kick can be awarded for ungentlemanly conduct.  Goalie substitutions may only occur when the ball is dead.

  • The opposing team must retire three metres when any goal kick, kick in or free kick is taken.

  • Offside and back pass rules to goalies do not apply. Kick offs at the start of game and when goals are scored can be forward or backward.

  • No slide tackles are allowed.  In particular slide tackles from behind the player with the ball and entering a tackle with studs directed to the opposite player are deemed dangerous play that warrants a free kick and potentially the dismissal of the player involved.

  • Players can play for more than one team including more than one team in each grade so long as they are regular players for that team. If you are short of players you can call on players from teams in a lower grade (excluded in this are known soccer players who would be seen to be giving your team an advantage). The only exception to this is a higher league player who is not a goalie filling in as a goalie. A team found to have played a fill in player in breach of this rule will be deemed to have forfeited the game and the result would be recorded as a 3-0 loss to the team in breach of this rule

  • If a team defaults twice they will be removed from the competition with no reimbursement of entry fee.

  • The Nelson Suburbs Football Club Committee reserves the right to amend these Rules at any time to ensure they provide appropriate guidance to players for the safe playing of games.