The Skills School is a 6-week programme set up to improve player’s technical ability with the training targeting the fundamental skills in football ie first touch, ball movement, agility, passing, skills, and all-round technique.

The programme will be overseen by our Director of Football Ryan Stewart and coached by our SPL players Trevin Myers, Duantae Mariner and Liam Goodger.


The Skills School programme is designed to appeal to both boys and girls, from total beginners to committed young players. It’s part of the NZF junior development plan, so there is the opportunity for talented and hardworking players to start the journey to excellence. We use fun football-based games focusing on the development of specific football skills required to control, pass, shoot and travel with the ball as well as working in 1v1 situations.

Our Skills School is open to players from all clubs who are keen for some extra training, additional to their club football.

The programme provides players with the opportunity to develop core attacking and defending skills through engaging, fun sessions delivered by our coaches. Skills School is open to all players from all clubs who are keen for some extra training, additional to their club football. The Skills School programme complements ‘club’ practice and builds on the skills the players learn throughout the season. Boys and Girls that attend the programme will learn the skills required to enjoy the game and achieve their goals.


If you have any questions or require help please contact Ryan “Skippy” Stewart on 027 248 0170 or at


6 Week Blocks at Saxton Field, Stoke for both BOYS and GIRLS.

Cost:  $75

DATES:  Tuesday 30 July - Tuesday 3 September

BOYS/MIXED - Tuesdays from 4.15pm - 5pm
(7-12 years & 13-14 years)

GIRLS - Thursday from 4.15pm - 5pm
(11-14 years)

Goal Keeping sessions can also be offered.  Please contact us for further details.